El Servicio de Seguridad de la Region IJsselland (HOLANDA) usará el RescueSim for para el entrenamiento en respuesta a incidentes.


The Dutch Safety Region of IJsselland will use RescueSim to prepare its  incident commanders and officers for possible emergencies.

IJsselland is the latest in a series of Dutch Safety Regions, Municipalities and Industry clients using RescueSim virtual training to enhance their incident management training.

The Safety Region IJsselland coordinates the Fire & Rescue Services, Ambulance Service, Police and Municipalities in the region during emergencies and disasters. Responsible for the safety of half a million inhabitants, the Safety Region IJsselland prides itself on optimal preparation and training of all the emergency services involved.


During a virtual training initiation in Steenwijk (NL) last November, the incident commanders of the Safety Region IJsselland experienced firsthand the advantages of training with RescueSim. During the initiation, they received advanced training and preparation for specific fire incidents and scenarios. Following this successful training and the Incident Commanders’ positive feedback, the decision was made by the Safety Region to continue the use of RescueSim virtual training and expand it for all its incident commanders and officers in the region.

Jelle Nijeboer, Team Proficiency Coordinator Safety Region IJsselland: “Virtual training with RescueSim has been a success for our safety region. The software allows for a high standard of realism and allows us to train all the key tasks of incident response management required within our safety region. RescueSim allows us to train technical assistance, incidents with hazardous materials and even diving scenarios. We will also be using the system to train multi-disciplinary exercises with all emergency response departments involved. RescueSim allows us to train more efficiently without time-consuming preparation and without straining our actual resources.

In January 2014, a select group of instructors within the Safety Region will be trained by VSTEP as certified RescueSim operators. These operators will become fully trained to operate the RescueSim simulator, allowing them to create scenarios and give incident management training to the Incident Commanders and Officers within the Safety Region IJsselland.

RescueSim is a new generation of virtual training tools for emergency responders. RescueSim allows emergency crews to virtually train and experience any thinkable incident as they would in real-life. They assess the situation and determine the best response strategy, implement it and then observe the consequences of their decisions. The RescueSim virtual incident training platform is currently used in over 20 countries worldwide and its customer base continues to increase as more emergency services and safety professionals recognise the positive effect virtual training has on their incident response effectiveness and as enhancement of their practical training.

For more info about the Safety Region Ijsselland, visit www.veiligheidsregio-ijsselland.nl


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