El Servicio de Incendio y Rescate de Attunda (Suecia) efectuó Curso de “Introducción al entrenamiento virtual en incidentes” para resto de los servicios en la Península EscandinavaATUNDA FIRE 1ATUNDA FIRE 2

The Attunda F&R Service is the latest customer in Sweden to be using the RescueSim Virtual Incident Training Platform for enhanced emergency response training of its personnel. Following a very successful implementation of RescueSim into its organisation and with a solid belief that others should learn the benefits this virtual training offers, the enthousiastic personnel of the Attunda F&R service decided to share their experience with other interested F&R Services and organisations in the region through a workshop.

The workshop was hosted by and held at the Attunda Fire Station and was frequented with guests from all over Scandinavia, interested in virtual training. Consisting of case studies, practical use scenarios, live demonstrations and international guest speakers, the attendees received a full day programme  containing all aspects of virtual training with RescueSim. RescueSim is developed by VSTEP and is a new generation of virtual training tools for emergency responders and Fire and Rescues services. RescueSim allows emergency crews to virtually train and experience any thinkable incident as they would in real-life. They assess the situation and determine the best response strategy, implement it and then observe the consequences of their decisions. The RescueSim virtual incident training platform is currently used in over 20 countries worldwide and its customer base continues to increase as more emergency services and safety professionals recognise the positive effect virtual training has on their incident response effectiveness and as enhancement of their practical training. The workshop organized by the Attunda F&R Service allows RescueSim customers and interested organizations to share their experience and best practices for virtual training, increasing the overall return virtual training offers even more.

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