La Academia Marítima de Holanda selecciona a VSTEP para su Nuevo simulador de aguas interiores.

VSTEP Inland Vessel simulators purchased for state-of-the-art Inland Navigation Center. First center to offer simulator training in accordance with CCNR inland simulator requirements.


Harlingen, 30 June 2015 – The Maritieme Academie Holland has selected VSTEP as simulator partner for their new Inland Navigation Center in Harlingen. The deal includes the purchase of a Full Mission Inland Navigation Simulator and three Inland console trainers. The simulator center will be the first to provide simulator training in full accordance with the requirements for Inland simulators by the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR).

Last month, Maritieme Academie Harlingen and ROC Nova College as partners within the academy and VSTEP signed an innovation partnership for delivery and installation of a NAUTIS Full Mission Bridge Inland Navigation Simulator, including an Instructor Station and three additional Trainee Stations at the new Inland Navigation Simulator Center currently under construction at the premises of the Maritieme Academie Holland in Harlingen.

The Maritieme Academie Holland is a renowned training academy and one of the longest-standing maritime training institutes in the Netherlands. The academy’s educational curriculum includes training and education courses for professional fishermen, inland shipping personnel and seafarers. The addition of this VSTEP NAUTIS Inland Navigation Simulator to the center means students will be able to practice their skills efficiently and in a safe virtual environment.

Arjen Mintjes, director of the Maritieme Academie Harlingen: “The Maritieme Academie Holland, as one of the leading educational institutions in European inland and maritime navigation has always been a forerunner in terms of providing state of the art learning facilities for our students and clients such as Europe’s most advanced inland training vessels. We are proud to have VSTEP as our partner to introduce the very first Full Mission Inland Navigation Simulator Center built entirely in accordance to the currently developed requirements for Inland Simulators by the Central Commission for the Navigation on the Rhine (CCNR). The Maritieme Academie Holland found the innovative technology and professional approach of VSTEP particularly convincing. The NAUTIS simulators are more efficient and require less hardware than simulator solutions of competitors.”

Implementation, delivery and installation of the simulator will take place in Q4 2015 in different phases. Following delivery, VSTEP will provide instructor training for the inland navigation simulator to academy simulator instructors.


About Maritieme Academie Holland The history of the Maritieme Academie Holland stretches back over a century, making it one of the oldest maritime training institutes in the Netherlands. Today the academy is geared toward preparing its students for all modern maritime and harbor facility functions. The academy’s educational curriculum includes training and education programs for professional fishermen, personnel for inland shipping and seafarers for all forms of waterway transport. The academy also offers harbor training courses. Training and courses are available at all levels. Training is focused on practical aspects of maritime activities, carried out by highly experienced tutors with the aid of modern equipment such as training ships and advanced simulators. A speciality of the academy’s program is international contract education, specifically designed for companies – Dutch or foreign – which is tailor-made to their needs.


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