El Centro de Simulación en Käringön (NORUEGA) adquiere simulador NAUTIS.

The Käringön Training Centre in Sweden is a hub for safety training in the region and has purchased a VSTEP NAUTIS maritime simulator for navigational training. The Centre creates nine new jobs in Käringön as further expansion is planned. image1

(Above: Dock with an oil tanker in New York or get yourself to safety when your helicopter crashes in the ocean.)

Käringön, 5 October 2015 – The new company Krisrisk Väst AB is behind the initiative for a number of safety training courses on the island. “This is all about a new initiative,” says Rolf Karlsson who works in the company Krisrisk Väst AB founded in January 2014.

Following his work at SSTC which went bankrupt a couple of years ago, Rolf Karlsson decided to take the initiative for a safety training centre on Käringön. “We have installed a realistic simulator for ship navigation by well-known simulator company VSTEP. The simulator allows users to train navigation and arrival to harbors all over the world, among others, New York,” says Karlsson. We also have a helicopter hall, where we have the opportunity to practice how to act when a flight accident occurs at sea.

Karlsson currently employs nine people who work full or half time at the Krisrisk Väst AB training centre. What’s more is that this initiative has also created a number of other job opportunities for other companies on the island. “Our focus is to attract new customers and make a complete training possible, leading a rescue team from the dock during a realistic fire drill.  We will do that by connecting the VSTEP NAUTIS ship simulator with their Advanced Firefighting Simulator (AFF) that is being used at fire drills,” says Rolf Karlsson.

“Right now we are building a three floor fire drill facility close to the helicopter hall, and it will be possible to train extinguishing fires indoors using an advanced simulator. Laser technology and steam creating tubes are going to replace water and hazardous smoke. The idea is to be able to come up to one floor at a time.”

“We are doing this initiative in cooperation with, among others, the local restaurant and hotel on Käringön, and our goal is to be able to train ship staff and the employees at offshore oil rigs. Our goal is that every year we train about 1000 people, which means that there will be activity on Käringön even after the tourist season is over,” says Karlsson.

(Source: Bohuslaningen.se)


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