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SIPSA started its activities in 1994, offering its services to pilots from different Maritime Agencies and shipowners. At the same time, it added new tools for the modern training of pilots and for the maritime and riverine research. That was he objective of the Bridge and Maneuver Simulator that it purchased in Norway in 1999. It has operated since then in the assessment to many companies. It has also been holding advanced and training courses for Argentine and foreign merchant navy officers.

The simulation techniques have been very useful for the nautical assessment of great projects.

It also performs maritime and riverine consulting tasks referred to the execution of new ports and modern operating conditions for port terminals, both in reference to necessary installations and port works as well as the operation of new ships, IMO and local safety conditions and rulings.

After more than ten years since the purchase, by SIPSA, of the original simulator it decided to buy a new navigation simulator in Holland. This is the “NAUTIS” and it was installed in the “MARITIME AND RIVERINE RESEARCH AND TRAINING CENTER” [CIEMF] on its floor in 610 Julio A. Roca Ave. (7th floor).